We've kept ourselves busy trying to update friends and family about our work and travels in Scotland. We thought the best way might be to publish a family blog. I'm a novice and will try my best to get this going with as much flair as I can muster. Please enjoy and leave your comments.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's been a while since I added to this page, but things have been busy here the past couple of months. Now we are looking ahead to the last three weeks or so of our mission. We will be heading home in February and have so many things to manage before we leave. We are expecting a senior missionary couple to replace us with the Center for Young Adults, they will arrive in April so lots of paper work needs to be done so they can see at a glance what's been happening and what needs to be done each week. We know they will love the kids, we sure do. Then there is the flat to get ready for a final inspection, packing, sorting, giving away or donating to a charity shop. Lots of gifts to find a spot for as we head for home. We may need to buy an extra empty suitcase just to hold the souvenirs.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The last day of October on a late Saturday afternoon drive through the Perthshire countryside. We needed this time to relax and restore a sense of peace into our terribly hectic week.

A Happy Accident! I shot this obviously from the car window, while we were near the English village of Windermere in the Lake District. October is such a gift.

We were able to go to England a few weeks ago for a temple trip with the YSA and on our way back took a detour through the Lake District. What a spectacular drive.

We saw this shaggy Highland Cow when Linda and Deanna were here in September. We were visiting Glamis Castle and walked through the walled garden and there he/she was standing in the stream.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are we doing today? I am paginating an old old book. A book of minutes from a local parish from 1754 to 1803. The pages are brown with age and quite grimy, the lettering has been done with a quill and ink; it too has a brown tint from the iron used to make it. This evening after work we'll go to institute. Last week we had 35 young people there, a great crowd. One group is studying the Book of Mormon and another group is studying the Doctrine and Covenents. We have such steady good kids. We are looking forward to a temple trip to Preston this weekend in conjunction with a Scottish YSA temple trip. Lucky us!


About Me

JT and I have been living in Edinburgh Scotland since September 2009 serving as document preservation missionaries for our church. We will be here until February or March 2011. We work at the National Archives of Scotland. We of course miss our kids and grandkids but are happy for the chance to be here.